Paschal '73 Yearbook

Click the yearbook cover to open the yearbook and flip through the pages. Or click here: Panther 1973 Yearbook

Photo Booth Craziness


Class Reunion

Our 40th class reunion has come and gone. Click here to view the entire gallery.

Does the Reunion Committee know how to contact you?

Are you a member of the Panther graduating class of 1973? Do you know someone who is? Make sure to contact the reunion committee at to get on the contact list for the next go round! And if your contact info changes don't forget to let us know too!


40th Reunion Pre-Parties

"Ok... ladies... look at the cam... Ladies.. LADIES!!! Let's all look directly into the camera this ti... Ladies... One more time... directly into the camera plea... LADIES!!!"

And this was before the actual party. If things are a little fuzzy about what really happened at the pre-parties then this gallery is for you: 40th Reunion Pre-Parties.

Cheerleaders 001

Time Frames

Wondering what your classmates have been up to over the years? Check out the Time Frames gallery to view the images. WARNING! Some of this may be a little hard to believe...

Danny Larry 1

Alan Eisenman 3

Then and Now Classmate Photos

Oh how we've changed! Or have we? Our gallery has over 700 photos from then and now to help you answer the ultimate question. Check out our Then and Now Classmate Photos gallery and see who you recognize.

Have some photos to add to our collection? Just contact the committee at to arrange the upload to our SmugMug site.

Len Monger 06

Fallen Classmates

Time stops for no one. So we better start planning the next reunion NOW! Some of our fallen classmates are paid tribute to in this gallery: PHS 73 Fallen Classmates. If you know of a classmate who has passed away please let the committee know by contacting us at

Sharon Belz 2